Awards categories

Our Award goes to each categories: Best Documentary of Afghanistan. Best female director. Best human rights documentary. Best international film about Afghanistan. Best Severin Blanchet award which dedicated to French film teacher and director who been killed in Afghanistan. 

Best female director Award

 Best female director Award!  It is unfortunate that very little attention has been paid in the last eleven years in exploring the work environment of female media workers, filmmakers, artists and improving the situation for them. The biggest achievement of Afghanistan will remain deficient unless women secure a reasonable presence in the Afghan cinema and... Continue Reading →

Severin Blanchet award

Why  Severin Blanchet award? At least 17 people, including foreigners, have been killed and more than three dozens of others wounded in a series of suicide, bomb and gun attacks near a hotel and guest houses used by foreigners in the heart of Kabul City. It has been confirmed by the French Foreign Minister Bernard... Continue Reading →

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