Best female director Award

It is unfortunate that very little attention has been paid in the last eleven years in exploring the work environment of female media workers, filmmakers, artists and improving the situation for them. The biggest achievement of Afghanistan will remain deficient unless women secure a reasonable presence in the Afghan cinema and media landscape.

It is therefore for the Afghan government, national and international media support organizations and the international community to take concrete and meaningful measures to improve the situation for female media workers if they want to proudly use the media and freedom of expression as a success story in Afghanistan.

We at ADFF, encouraging the women cinematographers, who speaks from the republic of silence by their wonderful films and it’s the big case that we have especial award as best film from women’s perspective by women director.

Best Severin Blanchet award

This Award is dedicated to a teacher, artist and filmmaker, who support and helped the Afghan Documentary Cinema after Taliban regime.  Severin Blanchet who had come from France to start new class of documentary film making was in a hotel and  killed by terror attack at Kabul.

Here full report about him : Severin Blanchet


Best human rights documentary.

Best international film about Afghanistan.

Best Documentary of Afghanistan




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