Screening timeline

The 3rd international Afghan Documentary Film festival Stockholm- Sweden



Day first,  Friday 11.12.2015, from 16:00 to 22:00

Place: ABF huset Sveavägen41

16:00 director of Asian Culture House  welcoming speech

16:10  a representative of the National Association of Shahmamh and Salsal speak as main sponsor for common goals with culture and arts.

16:15 a representative speaks from ABF Stockholm  

16:20  Introductions and general information

16:30  opening film Marziye, my friend a film by Kirsi Mattila (80 min)

 17:50  Director speaks about the film (Marziye, my friend)

18:00 short break (20 min)

18:20 Screening film “After Silence” by Rahman Alemi (40 min)

19:00  Speaking with the director Rahman Alemi

19:10  Screening Afghan Women Behind the Wheel, by Sahraa Karimi

 20:05  Speaking with Dr. Sahra Karimi

20:15 Pm Short Break (15 min)

20:30 screening “Death to the Camera” directed by S. Qasim Hosseini (21 min)

18:50 Introduction of an author who write a book “from  Afghanistan to Sweden.

21:00 Screening “Bollbol” directed by Reza Yamak (30 min)

21:30 Reviewing  of the first day screening 

22:00 End


Day two, Saturday 12 December  12:00 to 16:00

Place: ABF huset Sveavägen41

12:00 short infos about the whole day program by presinters of the festival

12:10 screening “Beyond fatigue” 12 Min by Baqir Tawakoli

 12:25  ‘L’ is for Light, ‘D’ is for Darkness, by Hasibullah Asmaty

 12:40 Pashto Landay 14 Min Seamus Murphy

 12:55  Lost on the roof of the world 60 Min by Frederic Lagrange

13:55 short break and cocktails 14:15 screening  “Searching for path” 12 Min by Reza Sahel 

14:30 penal, discussion with the Artists and activists Dr. Sahra Karimi, Homayon Murovat, Razi Mohebi, Jawad Khawari and Sohila Haidari 

15:00 Bearing the Weight, by Mona Haidari

 15:18 The art of fighting 12Min15:30 short review by Sayid Zia Qasimi

 15:45 informations about the next day program  

16:00 end  

Day three, Sunday 13 December

12:00 to 16:00

Place: ABF huset Sveavägen41

12:00 short info about the whole day program by presenters

12:10 screening on an incredible film Frame by Frame 85 Min by Alexandria Bombach, Mo Scarpelli 

13:30 short break and cocktails 

13:45  Sitaraha a wonderful play and powerful piece, narratives of a series of Afghan women throughout history, including Gul Begum, a woman who has lost her family and was enslaved in 1892, Sara, who has witnessed civil war, and Halima, who has been charged with having an extra-marital relationship and is awaiting death-by-stoning. by Lief Persson and Monirah Hashimi

 15:00 Then 10 min speech by director Lief Persson 

 15:10 Review 10 Dr. Sami Hamed

15:30 Jury Speech and awarding to the best films 

16:00 End of the program 

Tickets are available at the door and here is all info about : TICKETS






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