Juries, 3rd International Afghan documentary film festival, 2015

Photo : Dunya Jamshidi / Matthieu Hackière
Photo : Dunya Jamshidi / Matthieu Hackière

Dr. Sahraa Karimi  “chairman of the Juries”

Sahraa Karimi is a young female Afghan filmmaker who grew up in Iran. In her early twenties, she migrated to Slovakia, and spent the next 12 years studying for Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in film and directing. When she returned to Afghanistan, Karimi co-founded the Kapila Multimedia House to promote independent cinema and has recently re-opened the Kaluch Kapila Cinema. Karimi continues to live between Kabul, Bratislava, and Tehran. Her films, mostly about civil rights issues faced by women in Afghanistan, have won international awards and are frequently screened in international film festivals.

Razi Mehebi
Razi Mohebi and Sohiala Jawaheri

Razi Mohebi, jury member 

Born in 1970 in Ghazni, Razi Mohebi escaped Afghanistan and studied cinema in Tehran. After the fall of the Talibans in 2001, he returned in Afghanistan where he co-founded the “Kabul film”. During this period he was Assistant Director in the film “Osama”, for which was threatened and kidnapped. Once freed he founded the Razi Film House, directed documentaries and short films like “Kite”, condemned by the Talibans and selected at Locarno and Berlin. Today he lives in Trento as a political refugee.

Maryam Ebrahimi

Maryam Ebrahimi, Jury member 

Maryam Ebrahimi was born in Tehran Iran, 1976. She studied at the Art University of Tehran and continued her education at the university of Konstfack in Stockholm, where she now lives and works.

Maryam has produced the feature documentaries “I Was Worth 50 Sheep” (2011), a tragic story about the selling of young girls in Afghanistan in the name of marriage, for a piece of land or sheep.

”No Burqas Behind Bars” (2012) is her second documentary, and shows how moral crimes are used to control women in post-Taliban Afghanistan. The film was shot under a long period of time inside a women’s prison.

Her films got several awards from deferant festivals and NO BURQAS BEHIND BARS (2013) International Emmy award 2014, Nominees for Best Feature Documentary

Brooklyn Film Festival (June 2014, AWARDED for Best Feature Documentary) , Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival (May 2014, Ankara Turkey), Rome Independent Film Festival (March 2014, AWARDED Best International Documentary), Middle East Now Film Festival, Florence (March 2014), HRAFF – Human Rights Arts Film Festival, Melbourne Australia (April 2014), Creteil International Women’s Film Festival (March 2014, Creteil, in competition –AWARDED with the Documentary Audience Award), Guldbaggen Awards Ceremony 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden – Nominated for Best Documentary), WATCH DOCS International Film Festival (Dec 2013 Warszawa, AWARDED with the 13th WATCHDOCS Award) and so more festivals.

She is now filming her up-coming feature documentary “ The Confiscated Images” – a film about archive, manipulation and control.

Basir Seerat
Basir Seerat

Basir Seerat, festival director and jury member

I am a documenter filmmaker and photographer with a long personal history of using, choosing career to fight for hope and peace in a country, which named Afghanistan.

I was graduated from Kabul University in 2005 with a Fine Arts degree from the Department of Theater and cinema.

A year before of my graduation, i been kidnapped by Taliban at Nuristan province while I was making a documentary film about the lives of and political participation of women in that region.

A woman who was fighting for gender equality and women political rights. After some days I escaped from the Taliban jail and I am alive and doing my best in culture and open society.

I worked with many organizations, filmmakers & photographers particularly Samira Makhmal Baf, a noted Iranian film director.

I directed 5 short films, two documentary with Varan Afghanistan & Franch film production and recently I been awarded, as a Human Rights Activist at media communicator by the Image and Voice of Hope “New York City”.

My film little Afghanistan got two awards from the International film festivals as Best documentary about human rights, an as best cinematographer 2013 and 2014. My recent activities, working as editor in Chief of 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center, Deputy Director at open society organization, professor at Kabul University, at photography department and editor in chief at Afghan Human Rights news agency.

It’s almost two years that i am in Sweden, to be part with Shahmama and Salsal Union, SAGA international women film festival Stockholm, Hasti Media and ABF as multimedia trainer.


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